Creative Piano Lessons in Romeo, MI

About Emily

I have enjoyed playing piano since I was 5 years old.  My first experience was watching my older sister play.  She helped me learn Mary Had a Little Lamb and I was hooked.  I began taking lessons shortly after that and loved every minute of it.  

At Hope College I participated in piano lessons, voice lessons, multiple choirs, accompanying, piano pedagogy, ensemble piano and more.  I studied piano and pedagogy with Dr. Adam Clark. I graduated summa cum laude with my Bachelor of Music Education and received the Music Education Award from my department.

I believe I offer students a unique perspective as I hold my Music Teaching Certificate with the state of Michigan and use my education courses and classroom experiences to help teach my students effectively. I also love to continue learning and participate in organizations and conferences to stay current, learn additional skills and network with other musicians.

I love teaching and playing piano. It is my goal to help students find the same joy out of making music that I have so they can continue to make music for years into the future. 

Bachelor's Degree from Hope College in Holland, MI

Emily has been accompanying, teaching piano and working in school
settings for the last 7 years and continues to develop these skills.