Creative Piano Lessons in Romeo, MI


I believe that music lessons should be the highlight of the student's week. Students learn creatively to read, play, improvise and compose music. Using games and activities to help reinforce concepts makes learning new material easier and more enjoyable. Learning a new skill can be a challenge so students, parents and I all work together to reach their goals. 

The weekly lessons are designed to be fun and educational helping students learn to play through listening, reading, improvising and composing. I integrate a lot of games, activities and technology into lessons to help students master concepts and think creatively. My goal is for students to be able to create and enjoy music for their entire lives.

I work closely with students and families to meet individual goals and needs. I teach students to set goals regularly so that they can have ownership in the learning process. Every student learns differently so as we develop a relationship, I consistently vary instruction. Students and I have fun learning together and building skills that will allow them to play the piano and succeed in many areas of life.


"Emily picks music that the kids are drawn to which encourages their wanting to practice. Her positive encouragement towards my kids during their lessons (even when practice was not great) keeps them coming back for more."

-Kristen, Parent

Students have the opportunity to enroll in lessons weekly for 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Lessons are scheduled Monday through Friday accommodating both traditional and homeschool student schedules. Most young beginners start with 30 minute lessons and as students progress we extend to longer lesson times. In addition, students have the opportunity to participate in monthly group classes and other events throughout the year.

Parents often ask about practice expectations and I always try to stress the importance of consistent quality practice over quantity. I set specific practice expectations with each family based on age, experience level and the goals of the student and parents. I teach strategies so students can practice effectively and reach their goals.

"Emily is always dedicated to make sure she is meeting my child's specific needs. She knows how to instruct my child to benefit her the most. She also develops a personal relationship with the student which helps to encourage confidence and a love for learning to play!"

-Nicole, Parent